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B1KER Santa Cruz Chameleon Bike Check Review, Including Catalyst Pedals

Check out the great review that Robert over at B1ker put together on his channel. It’s a fun video and he does a great job of sharing what he did to build the bike up, including changing out the pedals to the Catalyst One’s.

Don’t you need to Pull Up on the Backstroke?

This is a great question and one that we get quite often, or one that we will hear from people interested in the pedal, but confused about what they have heard in the past. The short answer is no. The Korff (et al. Med Sci Sports Exerc 2007; 39:991-995) and Mornieux (et al. Int J Sports […]

History of the Ball of the Foot Pedaling Position

Do you know the history of the ball of the foot position on your pedals? Most riders don’t, which is why they don’t question it. Learn the history of the foot position and what it means for you in the video below.

How to Improve your Agility on the Bike and Last week’s photo winner

Humans love metaphors. You know, where you compare something you know about to something you don’t know about, which makes that something new easier to understand. For example, telling you that something “tastes like chicken” is a metaphor. So is telling you that falling in love “feels like a roller coaster”. Or that riding your […]

Catalyst pedals for your Fat Bike?

We know, it isn’t quite winter yet, but as the temps start to fall, we can’t help but know that “Winter is coming”. Last year, we were pleasantly surprised to hear from several riders about how the Catalyst pedals made riding in the snow on their Fat Bikes much more fun and wanted to share an […]

How to get rid of foot fatigue and the winner of this month’s free pedals

Another month has gone by, which means that it is time to pick another winner of the Catalyst Pedal Social Media Picture contest. We took a look at all of the pictures that riders posted to social media and tagged us in and picked one of them to win a free pair of Catalyst Pedals. […]

Warning: Who the Catalyst Pedals will NOT work for

While I strongly believe that the Catalyst Pedals provide a better platform for your foot than any other pedal available, they are not for everyone. In fact, as much as I hate to admit it, some riders just won’t see much benefit from the Catalyst Pedals at all. And while I’d love to sell everyone […]

Christmas Trees, Handsaws and News on the Catalyst Pedal’s Arrival

 Yesterday I learned a valuable lesson about having the right tool for the job while putting up my Christmas tree. After picking out our tree and bringing it home, I realized something…my ceilings were not as tall as I thought they were. Our tree was standing in the corner bent over at the top and needed […]