What A Wobble Board Can Teach You About Foot Position And Balance On Your Bike.

One thing that we take for granted is how much balance plays a role in our performance on the bike. You can be the fittest guy out there but if your balance sucks then you’ll struggle to apply it and not spend half your time picking yourself up off the ground after crashing. Like anywhere […]

Tips to Avoid Rock Strikes With Flat Pedals.

Riding your bike on rocky, technical trails is part of the fun of mountain biking. However, clipping a rock with your pedals is never fun and can quickly ruin your day. While some rock strikes are unavoidable – it is tough to control for everything in the chaos that is mountain biking – the truth […]

Calf Function On Your Bike…And It’s Not What You May Think.

One of the most common questions we get about the mid-foot position the Catalyst Pedal allows is “what about your calf muscles”? The reason is because there is this assumption that if you’re not on the ball of the foot then you can’t use the calf to push on the downstroke or absorb impacts. This […]

The Thought Process Behind the Design of The Catalyst Pedal

While we usually don’t think about it, everything we use has a thought process behind it. Someone sat down and thought about a problem in a certain way that let them solve the problem better than anyone else before them. At the heart of this thought process is how you are looking at the problem […]

Do Clipless Pedals Increase Risk of Hip Injuries When Crashing? The science is in…

One of the biggest lies told in the cycling industry is that clipless pedals are not more dangerous than flats and that they do not increase your risk of serious injuries. New riders are told that they are just “different” from flats and that neither is safer. The frustrating thing is that while most sane […]

How Your Small Pedals Are Ruining Your Cardio Workout.

One of the most popular cardio training methods in the CrossFit and Functional Training communities are the air bikes. The most popular examples of these are the Assault Airbike and the Schwinn Airdyne Bike but whichever model you climb on, going for a ride on of of these giant pedal powered fans challenges your cardio […]

How the Catalyst Pedal Can Help Low Back Pain From Cycling

Does riding your bike make your low back hurt during and/ or after a hard ride? Is it starting to affect how long and hard you can ride and how much fun your having? If so then maybe switching your pedals can help restore your love of pain-free riding. In this video I explain how […]

Catalyst Pedals Ready for EU Distribution with New UK Partners

PRESS RELEASE: 10-15-2018 Challenging the status quo is never easy but without it nothing can progress. With a unique design and recommended foot position, the Catalyst Pedal has accepted that challenge and is making a lot of people question what they can and should expect from a flat pedal. By creating a pedal that supports […]

Why the UCI Ban on Clipless for Kids is a Great Idea.

Last week the UCI voted to ban clipless pedals in BMX Racing for kids 12 years and under. While some people question the move, I feel that it is a great idea and something that should serve as a model for all cycling sports. Banning clipless pedals for kids has a lot of advantages, including […]

The Biggest Gimmick in Cycling? Clipless Pedals.

Warning: Do not listen to this podcast if your identity as a rider is tied up in your clipless pedals because you won’t like what you hear and I’d hate to ruin your day. In this podcast I dig into the claims used to sell clipless pedals and expose why they are nothing but gimmicks. […]