Catalyst pedals for your Fat Bike?

We know, it isn’t quite winter yet, but as the temps start to fall, we can’t help but know that “Winter is coming”. Last year, we were pleasantly surprised to hear from several riders about how the Catalyst pedals made riding in the snow on their Fat Bikes much more fun and wanted to share an email we had received.
Hi James,

Let me tell you that I deeply think that you have a game changer with your product. I did purchase your product for my mtb first but with winter here, I told myself why not try it now ..I ride clipless on my mtb in summer, but i’m on flat on my fatbike.

On my first ride I was able to confirm the incredible upgrade in ankle and foot stability. I don’t know if you thought about this but here up north (I’m in the province of Québec, Canada) fat biking is in huge progression and I think every fatbike bought should come with your pedals on it!

I know you probably made your research mostly for mtb but with winter boots, your pedals make lot of sense. For now, for cold weather we have 2 options, go clipless with the 45north boots at 400$ or wear winter boots with flats. Ordinary flat pedals are just not long and wide enough for winter boots and let me tell you that with your product it makes a big difference !

More balance, more control and all the physical upside you describe in your promotional content, win win…

P.S. I’m not a professionnal rider, more of a weekend warrior, but I do teach mountain bike to debutant in college and I have been a fat biker for 3 years..


It really does make sense. The larger platform makes for more support and better stability when you have your winter boots on. Something to consider as you pull your cold weather gear out. Let us know how it goes.

Before we go, we want to give a shout-out to last week’s photo winner, @bad.rabbit.bmx on Instagram.

Want to be the next winner? Just a post a picture of the Catalyst Pedal and tag us or use the hashtags #pedalinginnovationsor #catalystpedal

That’s all for now. Thank you for your continued support!

Until next time,

Pedal Strong,
James Wilson and the Pedaling Innovations Team

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