Catalyst Pedals Ready for EU Distribution with New UK Partners

PRESS RELEASE: 10-15-2018

Challenging the status quo is never easy but without it nothing can progress. With a unique design and recommended foot position, the Catalyst Pedal has accepted that challenge and is making a lot of people question what they can and should expect from a flat pedal.

By creating a pedal that supports both ends of the arch, Catalyst Pedals get rid of the problems usually associated with flat pedals. They have gained a reputation for delivering the pedaling power of clipless pedals with the fun and freedom of flat pedals and comfort that no other pedal can match.

In an effort to give more riders easier access to the patented Catalyst Pedal design, Pedaling Innovations has partnered with UK based Street Media Distribution Ltd. and Superstar Components to bring it to the UK and EU markets.

“We’ve seen a rise in the popularity of the Catalyst Pedals in the EU market, particularly in the United Kingdom, and we’ve had some strong supporters in that area for a while now. Unfortunately, these customers still had to pay for international shipping to get their pedals, which obviously took longer and cost more than having them available locally,” explains creator James Wilson.

“Soon after releasing the Catalyst Pedals I was approached by Ben and Mike Caldwell of Street Media Distribution about helping me to distribute them in the UK. They immediately saw the game-changing potential of this pedal and worked very hard to make this happen.”

“The problem we kept running into, though, was the cost of shipping to get them from my current manufacturer to the UK. It was important to everyone that we kept the price as low as possible and so we needed a solution that would let us get a high-quality pedal to those customers without costing a lot to ship.”

“Mike and Ben worked hard to find that solution, which turned out to be a UK based manufacturer Superstar Components. With a reputation for producing high quality parts that can handle the toughest conditions, we knew they would be able to help us meet our goals.”

And after working for over a year to get things set up and suffering a few set-backs along the way, the new UK manufactured pedal is now ready to ship to all EU member states from the Street Media Distribution UK warehouses.

“We are very excited to finally get this project off the ground. We had a few roadblocks but being able to give our fellow riders easier access to the Catalyst Pedal has been a goal of ours for a while now and we weren’t going to be deterred,” says Mike Caldwell, Managing Director of Street Media Distribution.

You can order your Catalyst Pedals in EU / UK today by visiting

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