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Why Being On The Ball Of The Foot Is Bad Your Knees.

One of the biggest myths in the cycling world is the need to be on the ball of the foot on your pedals. We’re told that this leads to better pedaling power and agility on the bike so it’s easy to see why so many riders buy into this idea. But what if I told […]

Why You Need Heel Pressure From Your Pedals.

As a mountain bike coach I often wondered why there seemed to be a disconnect between foot position on the bike and foot position in the gym. For a sport where we “needed” to be on the balls of our feet, in 13+ years of training riders I never had someone lift that way in […]

5 Tools to Combat Foot Pain When Riding

Foot pain is something that almost every rider deals with at some point. And while the cycling industry has given us some solutions, the problems still don’t seem to get better on a permanent basis for a lot of riders. Sure, getting a bike fit or moving their cleats around can help the pain for […]

New Podcast: Flats vs. Clipless Pedals and The Truth About Foot Position

It’s been a crazy last few months with Pedaling Innovations. We were accepted into a business accelerator group earlier this year and the process of getting ready for it and getting started has taken a lot of my time. Which is why I wasn’t in touch sooner about being interviewed on the MTB Tribe podcast […]

Is Your Foot Position Hurting You?

Something I get asked a lot when it comes to foot position and pedal stroke is why do I care so much? I mean, am I just some ego maniac that needs the world to see everything like I do? Well, while that may be the case with some things, it isn’t what drives my […]

Can the Catalyst Pedals keep your feet from bouncing off the pedals?

For a flat pedal rider there is nothing worse than having your feet get blown off the of the pedals when you don’t expect it. It usually happens when you try to ride through some rough stuff at speed on the trail and especially when you stand up and try to pedal through rough, choppy […]

Check out our review on Pinkbike!

The Catalyst Pedal has been getting in more and more rider’s hands and I’ve been hearing a lot of great feedback on it. And yesterday I had a review of it run on the world’s largest mountain biking website,! Here was Pinkbike’s take: “The Catalyst changed my view on flat pedals by making it […]

Christmas Trees, Handsaws and News on the Catalyst Pedal’s Arrival

 Yesterday I learned a valuable lesson about having the right tool for the job while putting up my Christmas tree. After picking out our tree and bringing it home, I realized something…my ceilings were not as tall as I thought they were. Our tree was standing in the corner bent over at the top and needed […]

The Flat Pedal Revolution Manifesto

Manifesto (noun): a written statement declaring publicly the intentions, motives, or views of its issuer. The Flat Pedal Revolution Manifesto is the result of a long and unintended journey. As a strength coach with a passion for mountain biking I never wanted to become a leader of the Flat Pedal Revolution, much less put together […]

More Catalyst Pedal News and Why Flats Are Better for Off Season Training

I wanted to give you a quick update on the Catalyst Pedals and share a new article I wrote about the importance of using flat pedals to train with during the off season. The pedals are due to leave the factory the first week of Decemeber so things are looking good for having the ready […]