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Do the Catalyst Pedals Increase Foot and Pedal Strikes?

One of the strangest things that people notice with riding the Catalyst Pedals is how they usually have fewer pedal strikes on them. Most people assume that the larger size will automatically equal more pedal strikes but people who use them quickly find out that is not the case. Before I get into the specifics […]

Squat vs. Vertical Jump – What They Tell Us About Foot Position on the Bike

As the creator of the Catalyst Pedals I get asked a lot about foot position. And this is to be expected – as the first and only pedal designed to optimize the mid-foot position it seems to defy a lot of the common logic used when discussing foot position on the bike. When talking about […]

Calf Function On Your Bike…And It’s Not What You May Think.

One of the most common questions we get about the mid-foot position the Catalyst Pedal allows is “what about your calf muscles”? The reason is because there is this assumption that if you’re not on the ball of the foot then you can’t use the calf to push on the downstroke or absorb impacts. This […]

How to get the most out of the Catalyst Pedals

Since the Catalyst Pedal represents a new way of looking at the pedal stroke it also requires a new look at your foot position on the pedal. To help with this I am going to be including some instructions with the pedal. They will show you the easiest way to get your foot placed in […]

Avoid this critical foot position mistake and improve your agility on the bike.

Humans love metaphors. You know, where you compare something you know about to something you don’t know about, which makes that something new easier to understand. For example, telling you that something “tastes like chicken” is a metaphor. So is telling you that falling in love “feels like a roller coaster”. Or that riding your […]

Does this video really prove that flats are more efficient than clipless pedals?

In case you missed it last week, a video showing a rider pedaling more efficiently on flat pedals than on clipless hit the internet. It obviously sparked a lot of debate and, I think, a lot of riders missed the point of the video in their rush to praise flats or defend clipless. But, before […]

The Flat Pedal Revolution Manifesto: How to Improve Your Riding With Flat Pedals

Manifesto (noun): a written statement declaring publicly the intentions, motives, or views of its issuer. The Flat Pedal Revolution Manifesto is the result of a long and unintended journey. As a strength coach with a passion for mountain biking I never wanted to become a leader of the Flat Pedal Revolution, much less put together […]