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How to get rid of foot fatigue and the winner of this month’s free pedals

Another month has gone by, which means that it is time to pick another winner of the Catalyst Pedal Social Media Picture contest. We took a look at all of the pictures that riders posted to social media and tagged us in and picked one of them to win a free pair of Catalyst Pedals. […]

All colors now back in stock plus winner of last month’s free Catalyst Pedals

I hope you’re riding season has kicked off already, we’ve had some great trail conditions around here lately. I’ve been posting some riding pics and videos on our Instagram and Facebook pages and I love to see your riding pics as well…especially is there is a Catalyst Pedal in them! Which brings me to the […]

This month’s photo contest winner of a free pair of Catalyst Pedals.

Hope that the weather is starting to turn where you’re at and the riding is starting to shape up. We’ve had a few weeks of warmer weather here and I’ve been having a lot of fun getting out on the trails with my trail mutt Aka. I’ve been posting some pics and videos of Aka […]

Get your Limited Edition GOLD Catalyst Pedals before they run out!

I hope you’ve getting a chance to enjoy your Catalyst Pedals lately. Things are thawing out around here so I’m finally getting some rides in after a couple months off the trails. Whatever your trails are like today, the riding season is coming up soon and we’ll all have plenty of chances to show off […]

Winner of this month’s Free Catalyst Pedals

It has been a crazy last few weeks here at Pedaling Innovations HQ (a.k.a. my basement). Besides selling some pedals to a couple of potential UK and Australian distributors I also had to place an order for the next 1020 pairs of pedals. In case you’re wondering, I have to order in multiples of 30 […]

Pictures of the Catalyst Pedals

Here are some pictures from my rides and from pictures shared with Pedaling Innovations…                  

Warning: Who the Catalyst Pedals will NOT work for

While I strongly believe that the Catalyst Pedals provide a better platform for your foot than any other pedal available, they are not for everyone. In fact, as much as I hate to admit it, some riders just won’t see much benefit from the Catalyst Pedals at all. And while I’d love to sell everyone […]

Ride Pic from Horsethief Bench

Here is a picture from a Horsethief Bench ride I got in last week.

Ride pics from Moab

Check out where my Catalyst Pedals took me yesterday! Here are some pics from my ride in Moab, got to ride from the bottom of Hazard County down. Aka the Trail Mutt led us the whole way down. Fun times!  

Update: Pictures of the Catalyst Flat Pedals at the Factory

We are one step closer to getting the Catalyst Pedals here and on their way to you! I just got these pictures today from the factory showing the Catalyst Flat Pedals in production… We are right on schedule for having the Catalyst Pedals ready to ship in December or January and we also have a […]