How to get the most out of the Catalyst Pedals

Since the Catalyst Pedal represents a new way of looking at the pedal stroke it also requires a new look at your foot position on the pedal. To help with this I am going to be including some instructions with the pedal. They will show you the easiest way to get your foot placed in the right position to get the most out of the unique platform and support provided by the Catalyst Pedals.

I just got the final design for those instructions and I have sent them off to the printer to get ready for the first shipment of pedals due to arrive in the US in the middle of December. I thought you would like to check them out and get a sneak peak at what you’ll find when you open your box…that is, assuming you’ve already pre-ordered you pair of Catalyst Pedals.

You’ll also get to see the unique foot position provided the 5 inches/ 128 mm of contact space you’ll get under your foot. This foot position allows a more even and powerful application of force into the pedals, which is just one of the performance enhancing benefits of this design.


We’re really excited to get the Catalyst Pedals in your hands and with these instructions you’ll know exactly how to get most out of them on your first ride. Few things that you can put on your bike will result in an immediate increase in performance or comfort…and even fewer than can deliver both.

If you haven’t done it yet be sure to pre-order your Catalyst Pedals. You can still get them for a special price but once they hit the warehouse in December that price will go up.

I’ll be in touch soon with more news from Pedaling Innovations. Until then…

Ride Strong,

James Wilson

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