Some (potentially) big news and last month’s free pedal winner.

Hope you’re having a great summer so far with plenty of riding. After some brutally hot weather for a few weeks we finally got a break from the heat and I’ve been taking advantage of it by getting out as much as I can…which is never as much as I want!

Anyways, I have two quick things for you today.

First, I wanted to share some potential big news with you. It seems that The Flat Pedal Revolution might be getting a major boost in the future. While I don’t want to say too much, I was contacted by someone from a major outdoor magazine about the possibility of doing a story on flat pedals and what science really tells us about the pedal stroke. I’ll keep everyone posted as I get more details but this could be a major step forward in getting the truth out on a larger scale, which would be really exciting.

Second, I wanted to say congratulations to Nick Pousson, the winner of this month’s free pair of pedals in the Catalyst Pedals Social Media Photo Contest. Nick posted a great photo showing the “evolution of the pedal” and we couldn’t help but pick it. While we usually like to see pictures of the pedals on your bike and on the trail, this one was just too good.

The Evolution of the Pedal

Remember that you can enter the contest as many times as you want by simply posting a picture of the Catalyst Pedals on your favorite social media channel and tag us at #catalyst pedals and #pedalinginnovations. Each month we pick a new winner so keep ‘em coming, we really love to see your pictures and hear your Catalyst Pedal stories.

In fact, here’s one of the stories we got from a Catalyst Pedal rider in the last few weeks…

Hi James…essentially, I love these pedals, and agree that it feels like I have an extra gear going uphill. Since I have put these on my bike I have broken numerous personal records on my Strava segments, I don’t hit my pedals as often as I did with my DMR vault flat pedals, and feel more stable on the bike. I had no trouble adapting to a mid-foot position, as I was probably very close to that position anyway.

I would highly recommend that some of the doubters who posted derisive comments about these pedals without actually trying them, get out and try some.”


Mark Wakelin

It is pretty cool to hear that you can get some new PRs and feel more stable on your bike just by switching your pedals. If you don’t have the Catalyst Pedals on your bike yet then click here to learn more and order yoursyour feet and your performance will thank you!

Until next time…

Ride Strong,

James Wilson

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