The Thought Process Behind the Design of The Catalyst Pedal

While we usually don’t think about it, everything we use has a thought process behind it. Someone sat down and thought about a problem in a certain way that let them solve the problem better than anyone else before them.

At the heart of this thought process is how you are looking at the problem you are trying to solve. If you look at even one variable wrong you can come up with a less-than-optimal answer, which can lead to all sorts of other problems you have to try and solve.

But that process is how we progress and improve.

The Catalyst Pedals are so unique because I look at the problem differently than anyone else, which leads to a different thought process and design. In this week’s blog post I share a video where I explain this thought process and why looking at foot pressure is the key to improving your performance and comfort on your bike.

You can’t solve problems created by a certain thought process with that same thought process. For decades the cycling industry has been trying to solve the wrong problem and we need to change how we look at the problem if we want our sport to progress.

Until next time,

Ride Strong,

James Wilson

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