Turning Skeptics Into Believers – Long Term Catalyst Pedal Review from Singletracks.com.

While the Catalyst Pedals continue to become more and more popular among riders who have actually tried them, not everyone “gets it” right away. Unfortunately, there are a few riders who have drawn hard conclusions about them despite never having spent any significant time on them.

Which was exactly the case when I sent a pair of pedals to Colton Lock from Singletracks.com to review in the spring of last year. While he had some good initial impressions, Colton posted an Initial Impressions video after only a few rides where he said he wasn’t too sure about the claims we made about the pedal or the science and logic we used to back it up.

But, to Colton’s credit, he stuck to his word of giving the Catalyst Pedals a solid long-term review and a couple weeks ago he posted a follow up video. And while he does a great job of going into more details about his experiences in the video, here is a summary that he posted with it…

“In June of 2016 I did a “first impressions” video on my thoughts of the Catalyst Pedal by Pedaling Innovations. At the time I was a bit skeptical about some of the claims behind these pedals but after spending a considerable amount of time riding on them in a few different disciples (XC, AM, and DH) I’m convinced that they are the real deal.”

In the video Colton went on to say that while he still prefers to race in clipless pedals, the Catalyst Pedals lived up to the claims of more power and comfort. He went from being a skeptic to a believer based on his experience with the pedals and the research he did into the claims we made.

Listen, I know that changing an industry’s mind about something as sacred as foot position isn’t going to happen overnight – it’s going to happen slowly, one rider at a time. Just like with Colton, it is going to take open minded riders who are willing to try something new and risk being wrong to discover something even better.

But the evidence is mounting as more and more riders try the Catalyst Pedals and the mid-foot position it optimizes. If you want to tap into your natural power, balance and flow then change your pedals and try the only pedal guaranteed to improve your power and comfort…and who wouldn’t want that?

Until next time…

Ride Strong,

James Wilson

Pedaling Innovations/ MTB Strength Training Systems

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