Warning: Who the Catalyst Pedals will NOT work for

While I strongly believe that the Catalyst Pedals provide a better platform for your foot than any other pedal available, they are not for everyone. In fact, as much as I hate to admit it, some riders just won’t see much benefit from the Catalyst Pedals at all.

And while I’d love to sell everyone a pair of pedals, if you are one of these riders I’d suggest that you just save your money. Odds are you can just stick with whatever pedals you are currently using.

So how do you know if you are one of these riders? Simple.

Riders who won’t gain any benefits from the Catalyst Pedal are the ones who don’t realize that it isn’t just a new pedal, it represents a new way of pedaling.

By looking at what the science really tells us about the pedal stroke we see that a mid-foot position is better than pushing through the ball of the foot. It allows for better recruitment of the hips, takes stress off of the Achiles tendon and provides a more balanced foot position to move from.


The Catalyst Pedal creating a balanced push into the pedals.

It is this new foot position that we are after and the Catalyst Pedals are the only pedal that allows you to do this. By connecting both ends of the arch of your foot you change how your foot is interacting with the pedal and this, in turn, changes how you body is able to move as well.

If you are not going to embrace this new foot position, then odds are you won’t notice much difference between the Catalyst Pedal and a regular flat pedal. Because you are not taking advantage of the design to connect both ends of the arch of the foot you can’t achieve the stable, balanced foot position that allows you to achieve the intended benefits.

Now, a word for those of you who think that it will be too hard to get used to a new foot position.

Believe it or not, it isn’t as hard as you may think.

Yes, you will have to think about it and focus on putting your foot into a new position on the pedals but your body will quickly adapt and start getting used to this “new” position.

The reason is that this isn’t a new foot position, it is one that you use every day and it was actually the first foot position that you used when you learned to ride as a kid. In other words, you aren’t learning something new, you are just remebering something you have forgotten.

Your body had to get used to balancing on the balls of your feet – which is completely unnatural and found no where else in sport or life – and you’ll be surprised at how quickly it will embrace and adapt to this better foot position.

But, like I said, you have to understand that the power of the Catalyst Pedal design comes from this foot position and not just from the pedal itself. We are looking to create a stable, balanced foot and that is only possible if you are combining the unique design with the mid-foot position.

My advice is that if you are going to invest in a pair of Catalyst Pedals that you commit to the mid-foot position for at least a few weeks. Based on my experience and the feedback I’ve gotten from other riders it usually takes 2-4 rides before you don’t have to think as much and your foot just starts naturally going to this new position.

After a few weeks you won’t even notice it and it will be your natural foot position.

And as long as you are able to do that then the Catalyst Pedal can improve your power, stability and comfort, making it a great choice for you.

Until next time…

Ride Strong,

James Wilson

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