Why One Clipless Pedal Convert Loves the Catalyst Pedals.

When I talk to people about the Catalyst Pedal I tell them that it isn’t a product as much as a mission for me. Giving riders a real, no-compromises alternative to clipless pedals is something that means a lot to me and the real driving force behind Pedaling Innovations.

This is why I love getting feedback from riders who have gone from hard core clipless pedal users to flat pedal advocates based on their experience with the Catalyst Pedals. And it’s even better if they are bike shop mechanics and self-professed bike fit geeks who use a math equation for setting up everything on their bike.

But that is what happened to Adam Lopez, a wrench in a shop here in Colorado who is also a musician (which is why his blog is mostly about that). Adam felt strongly enough about his experience that he wanted to share it with other riders in a post to his blog, which you can read by clicking the link below.

Click here to read Adam’s post about his experience of going from clipless pedal user to flat pedal fan.

Like Adam found out, clipless pedals were never the best option, they were just better in some ways than the crappy flat pedal designs we had on the market. The unstable, unbalanced foot createdadam-bike by the standard flat pedal created the problems solved by clipless pedals but once you give the foot the right platform those issues go away.

This means that you can have the performance of clipless, the fun and safety of flats and better comfort than any other pedal on the market.

So if you are on the fence about trying the Catalyst Pedals please check out Adam’s post, as well as the testimonials and other reviews we have linked to on our site. Like these and thousands of other riders have found out, the Catalyst Pedals will change your mind about how a flat pedal can and should perform.

Until next time…

Ride Strong,

James Wilson

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