Why We Use Grub Screws on the Catalyst Pedals.

A common question we get from flat pedal aficionados is why we use grub screws on our pedals instead of the pins that can screw in from the back.

While this would seem like a simple thing, like everything else that goes into designing a pedal there are pros and cons that you have to weigh out. Everything has a trade off that may not seem obvious at first.

And this is the case with the choice to use grub screws. We tried and tested a few designs and in the end the choice came down to…

1 – Weight. Since we maximize grip with 36 pins per pedal (which is the most of any pedal on the market) the weight of these pins becomes and issue. As one of the heavier pedals on the market already due to the increased length I didn’t want to overload it with 3-4 times as much weight from the pins.

2 – Ease of finding replacements. You can find grub screws at almost any hardware store. If you lose one or want to get different lengths it is much easier to a replacement grub screw on short notice than a specialty pin that you have to order online.

3 – The ability to include longer pins for extra traction. Since grub screws come in a variety of lengths it is much easier for us to include the extra bag of longer pins for you to customize the grip.

Plus, the truth is that if you damage or bend a pin it is going to be much easier to get some pliers and back it out that it is going to screw it all of the way out the back. The idea that pins that screw in from the back are going to be easier to deal with if you need to replace a damaged pin isn’t true 100% of the time.

On a personal note I find that grub screws offer a greater level of traction than most of those pins as well and I didn’t want to give up that level of performance. I know that neither system is perfect but based on these factors we chose to go with grub screws instead of specialty pins that screwed in from the back.

Plus, if you ever mess up your pins and threads so bad you can’t get them out let us know and we’ll get you taken care of. We want to keep you stoked long after you invest in our product, not argue with you over the details of a crash-replacement.

I appreciate the feedback and suggestions from riders who love our pedals and we’re always looking for ways to improve. But as you can see the choice we made to go with grub screws wasn’t made lightly and we think it strikes the best balance between performance, weight and convienence.

Until next time…

Ride Strong,

James Wilson

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