Winner of the Catalyst Pedal Photo Contest and Other Trail News

Hope you’ve been having a great summer so far and been getting a lot of riding in. While I haven’t been getting out as much as I’d like to, I did get a chance to get up to our local ski resort who just put in some new DH trails for this year.

It was a lot of fun meeting up with some friends I hadn’t seen since last year and getting a few laps laps in on some sweet trails just 45 minutes from my house. If you make it to the Grand Junction/ Fruita area to ride be sure to check out Powderhorn Resort, it is a great way to beat the heat and ride some different stuff than what you find in the valley.

While I was there I put a new pair of red Catalyst Pedals through their paces. It was the first time I had been able to take a production pair on DH trails (last year I was testing my prototypes) and I was not disappointed.

Having my feet planted and stable made my first DH ride of the season feel a whole lot easier than normal. It seemed like having my feet stable kept my legs and upper body more relaxed and I wasn’t as stiff and sore as I usually would have been after the longer runs.

Here are some pics from the ride…





Speaking of pictures, I also wanted to announce the winner from last month’s Catalyst Pedal photo contest. While we had a lot of great submissions, we could only pick one and the winner of the free pair of Catalyst Pedals is…

Casey Stanton, @SinglespeedCasey on Instagram

We really appreciate all of the pictures that were submitted. If you didn’t win this month, keep those entries coming. This pedal is a grassroots effort and we need your help to spread the word about the benefits of the Catalyst Pedal.

BTW, while we love to see your pictures and we also love to hear your stories and feedback. Getting emails and social media messages like this really keep us motivated to continue to work hard to get the Catalyst Pedal on as many bikes as possible –

“Wow James, I had read about them, but your pedals are awesome. Right out of the house I took on the uphill road that I would usually use my smallest front ring on. Not this time…

I had read that it is like having an extra gear, but I think that description is not that apt because the extra power is in all gears. I think a better description is that the pedals are like having turbo, or overdrive.

Thanks again,


If you want to see results like this by simply changing the pedals on your bike then click the “Buy My Pedals” tab to get yours today.

While summer is just starting, it will be over before you know it so be sure to get out on the trail and enjoy it. Until next time…

Ride Strong,

James Wilson

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