Winner of the free pair of Catalyst Pedals plus it’s been one year since…

Hard to believe that it was one year ago this month that I went to InterBike to get the first samples of the Catalyst Pedals. I had already spent about a year since I first had the idea getting things to that point and it was exciting to hold the final production model in my hands.

After getting a few things set up I started to take pre-orders so I could place I first order. As a small business owner without any trust funds or lottery winnings in my past I knew that it was going to be a grassroots effort and that those first orders would be the seed money I needed to make the Catalyst Pedal a reality.

The response was overwhelming and I ended up taking pre-orders for almost 600 pedals. And while they have slowed down some since that first month of pre-orders the Catalyst Pedal has continued to gain traction with over 1500 pairs sold around the world so far.

Of course, it wasn’t long after people started riding them that pictures and feedback on the Catalyst Pedals started showing up on social media. Seeing the amazing places that people were riding on their Catalyst Pedals and reading the even more amazing feedback has really kept us motivated and we can’t thank those of you who have posted or shared something enough.

Which is why I love this email each month…announcing the winner of the Catalyst Pedals Social Media Picture contest. Each month we pick one of the best Catalyst Pedal pictures posted on social media to win a free pair of pedals and this month the winner is Stan Layton, who ran into a fellow Catalyst Pedal rider at the Myers MTB Festival.


Conrgratulations Stan and thanks for posting that great picture. We’ll be in touch with how to claim your free pair of pedals.

And remember that you can enter as many times as you like, just post a picture on social media with #catalystpedals or #pedalinginnovations included so we know to check it out.

I also wanted to share this feedback I got as from a BMX racer and coach who is using the Catalyst Pedals. It seems that he likes them better than his clipless pedals for gate starts, which is the most power dependant part of BMX racing.

“Whats up man! Dude as much as i hate to say it you might be converting me back to my flats after many years on clips! After last weeks session my legs were so sore in areas that usually dont get sore. It was such a great workout.

I let a guy borrow them the other night and he is now your biggest fan! He loved them swore up and down they made him faster. He has told everyone at the track and created a lot of buzz. I think they are really good for the older dudes and people that are newer to the sport.”

Austin Tanner

Tanner BMX Training & Coaching

And remember, BMX racing is one of the most power dependant disciplines in cycling. I know I’m biased but hearing feedback like this makes me think that the Catalyst Pedals really are a viable option for clipless pedal riders – a no compromises pedal that delivers the performance of clipless with the fun and safety of flats.

If you’re not riding the Catalyst Pedal yet and this sounds like something you’d be interested in, then check out where you can learn more about the science and logic behind the design and order a pair for yourself.

And if you are on the Catalyst Pedals then thanks again for you support and please keep posting your pictures and feedback, I love to see it!

Until next time…

James Wilson

Pedaling Innovations

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