B1KER Santa Cruz Chameleon Bike Check Review, Including Catalyst Pedals

Check out the great review that Robert over at B1ker put together on his channel. It’s a fun video and he does a great job of sharing what he did to build the bike up, including changing out the pedals to the Catalyst One’s.

Don’t you need to Pull Up on the Backstroke?

This is a great question and one that we get quite often, or one that we will hear from people interested in the pedal, but confused about what they have heard in the past. The short answer is no. The Korff (et al. Med Sci Sports Exerc 2007; 39:991-995) and Mornieux (et al. Int J Sports […]

History of the Ball of the Foot Pedaling Position

Do you know the history of the ball of the foot position on your pedals? Most riders don’t, which is why they don’t question it. Learn the history of the foot position and what it means for you in the video below.

How to Improve your Agility on the Bike and Last week’s photo winner

Humans love metaphors. You know, where you compare something you know about to something you don’t know about, which makes that something new easier to understand. For example, telling you that something “tastes like chicken” is a metaphor. So is telling you that falling in love “feels like a roller coaster”. Or that riding your […]

Catalyst pedals for your Fat Bike?

We know, it isn’t quite winter yet, but as the temps start to fall, we can’t help but know that “Winter is coming”. Last year, we were pleasantly surprised to hear from several riders about how the Catalyst pedals made riding in the snow on their Fat Bikes much more fun and wanted to share an […]

Last week’s pedal winner, KJ Romero’s Old Town Road Parody and FAQ about using your ankles

The weather continues to be great for riding. It’s heating up during the day, which means hitting the trails in the morning is the way to go. One of the best things about riding season for us is all of the great photos that are shared by riders out having fun on the Catalyst Pedal! […]

Last week’s free pedal winner and riding fun in Western Colorado

Spring is in full effect here in the Grand Valley and so is the riding season. My wife just got a new bike, so we’re having a lot of fun getting out on the trails. We’ve had a good bit of moisture, keeping the trails packed down and perfect when the sun comes out. This […]

Why We Use Grub Screws on the Catalyst Pedals.

A common question we get from flat pedal aficionados is why we use grub screws on our pedals instead of the pins that can screw in from the back. While this would seem like a simple thing, like everything else that goes into designing a pedal there are pros and cons that you have to […]

Do the Catalyst Pedals Increase Foot and Pedal Strikes?

One of the strangest things that people notice with riding the Catalyst Pedals is how they usually have fewer pedal strikes on them. Most people assume that the larger size will automatically equal more pedal strikes but people who use them quickly find out that is not the case. Before I get into the specifics […]

Can the Catalyst Pedals Instantly Increase Your Power?

No matter what kind of riding you do the ability to produce power is important. Whether you need to sprint, climb, bunny hop or even just handle a stiff headwind on the commute to work, how well you can produce power plays a big role. This is why power training programs and tools are so […]