Industry Reviews of the Catalyst Pedal

Pedaling Innovations Catalyst One pedals review

Excellent year long review by Alex Evans, with a 5 Star rating

The Catalyst is category-defining and leading; if you’re a flat-pedal rider, buy a set.”

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Pedaling Innovations’ Updated Catalyst EVO Pedals – Pond Beaver 2020

Great write up on the New Catalyst Evo

“Pedaling Innovations’ Catalyst pedal was unique when it launched several years ago, and there’s still nothing like it. It’s a super long pedal, and is designed to be ridden with your foot further forward. Aston was a big fan of the new riding position they require when he reviewed them, and he’s still running a set now.”

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“If you’re looking to upgrade your flat pedals or are keen to enter the world of flats for the first time, then you should seriously check out the Catalyst pedal. With the largest platform on the market that provides full arch support giving you improved power to the cranks, stability, balance and pedalling efficiency all-round. These are the Daddy of flat pedals!”

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“In June of 2016 I did a “first impressions” video on my thoughts of the Catalyst Pedal by Pedaling Innovations. At the time I was a bit skeptical about some of the claims behind these pedals but after spending a considerable amount of time riding on them in a few different disciples (XC, AM, and DH) I’m convinced that they are the real deal.”

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“The Catalyst changed my view on flat pedals by making it feel as if I had more power, better balance, and the ability to maintain my form for longer periods of time during sustained physical efforts. If I can improve my riding by simply changing my pedals, I’ll take it. And don’t forget that there is a 30-day money back guarantee, which makes it even easier to try a pair and see if they work for you.”

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Dirt Rag

“After spending a good amount of time with the Catalyst pedals, I think there is something to this madness. Maybe it’s just the placebo effect, but I’m pretty confident it’s more than that.”

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Gear Chase

“My overall take on the Pedaling Innovation Catalyst pedals is that they offer more control over traditional flat pedals….The biggest benefit to the Catalyst pedal is that it helped reduce my knee pain…”

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Gear Institute

“The logic certainly makes sense. And while there will no doubt be those who will debate the science behind the design, once you put these pedals on your bike, it’s pretty hard to argue with the results. While I completely acknowledge the possibility of the placebo effect, there was no denying the difference in my riding from the moment I started using the Catalyst pedals.

It wasn’t just that I felt like I had more power to get over especially technical elements on tough ascents, I also had a more stable base that resulted in significantly more control through berms and on rocky descents. Did my feet come off the pedals? Yes. But not nearly as much as they did with traditional flat pedals. And, the more time I spent on the pedals, the less that happened as well.”

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Chris Centeno, M.D. Blog Post

“Biomechanically, it all makes sense to me…It’s one of those simple ideas that when you hear about it, you say to yourself, “Oh, that’s obvious””

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Natural Foot Gear

“All things considered, I think Catalyst Pedals represent the best option for maximizing the cycling experience while preserving natural foot health. They help improve pedaling efficiency, build a more powerful pedal stroke, improve foot comfort and stability, and reduce wear and tear on the lower body joints. Using Catalyst Pedals is also fun and liberating. And with a 30-day money back guarantee, you can put them to the test and compare them side by side with your other pedals before committing to them for good. Catalyst Pedals are a true cycling innovation and a product that you can use to enjoy a long and enjoyable cycling career.”

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Video Review – Natural Foot Health Benefits

Video Review – Cycling Benefits

“Are they the “Best pedal. period!”? I’m sold. Do yourself a favour and try them for yourself.”

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Roman Rusinov

“Catalyst’s do make you pedal more efficient and the added comfort and stability is a great bonus as well. They are just fun, you don’t really have to care where you place your foot after slashing a berm with your foot out.

You are glued to the bike, you feel it differently, it’s more connected. Pumping the bike becomes much easier, jumps and landings feel more smooth. Less foot fatigue.

You might even make some friends on the trail if they ride the same pedal, it’s like an exclusive club of sort, it happened to me a few times.”

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Schralp: Explore Outdoors

“Despite the increase in size (and thus weight), these pedals have noticeably improved my riding. I feel more balance, more in control, and more confident both on descents and when cornering. I feel I am incorporating more leg muscles than previous with less low back pain during climbing.

One of the absolutely terrific benefits I find is that my foot goes naturally in the correct position on these pedals. The large platform also provides a big margin for error for foot placement. This allows for more consistent power delivery. Maybe there is some form of the placebo effect here, but my biking quantifying apps (Garmin Connect, Strava) highlight the improvements I’ve made since using them.”

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Regular Guy Mountain Biking

“I love these things. They do exactly what they say they are going to do.”

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“The difference was immediately noticeable. Putting all of my weight on the Catalyst pedals felt just like standing a wood floor. By comparison, the combination of flexible shoes and conventional pedals felt like I was wrapping my feet around the rungs of a ladder.”

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Bikepacking With A Family

“The power difference was amazing. Really amazing. I think in the first week I got eight different Strava PB times, I found myself climbing hills up one or two gears, and on one hill climb even broke a chain.

I like the ankle action they give, and most importantly my knee pain is absolutely gone! In fact, I went back to another bike with normal flats, and with a 20km ride, my knee pain came back. For me, these pedals really work!”

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“I found that my feet were less achy on longer gravel grinds…Having extra surface area to land a foot was appreciated in instances where terrain became a little sketchier…”

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