Black Catalyst Pedals


Get the pedals that will instantly improve your power, stability and comfort…backed with a 30 day money-back guarantee.


In stock (can be backordered)


Extruded and Machined using our exclusive mold using 6061 Aluminum with T6 Heat Treatment

Manufactured by VP Components using parts and materials with a proven track record for durability and quality

Designed to connect the front and back ends of arch of the foot, it is the longest platform for your foot on the market

Dual sealed bearings and DU Bushing internals

Heat treated Cr-Mo Spindle that is compatible with a standard 15mm wrench or 6mm allen

18 pins per side strategically placed to maximize the new, optimized foot position possible with this design

Shipped with longer (8mm) replacement grub screws to swap out for extra traction

Available in 4 anodized colors: Black, Blue, Red and Grey


5.6” / 143 mm


3.75”/ 95 mm


.6”/ 16 mm


505 grams per pair

11 reviews for Black Catalyst Pedals

  1. Dawn

    I wish you had more fun colors in these, such as a orange, yellow or neon green 🙁

    • shilosmama (verified owner)

      Thank you for the input and support Dawn! We usually do a limited edition run of a color. You can email us at to check on this, or keep an eye out for them.

  2. Carl Fugate

    Just bought a trek 1120 I am looking for orange for some pedals. Do you think this will be a color soon.

  3. Cheryl

    I would love am orange pair as well. We need aanother set of flats for our bikes and thought giving these a try in orange would be great

    • Scott Bixby

      Hi Cheryl! Thanks for the feedback! Occasionally we have a limited edition color available, you never know what color will be next!

  4. CraigC

    It sounds like ORANGE needs to be the next limited edition color run. If/when you have them in ORANGE I will give these a try. Cheers!

    • Scott Bixby

      Thanks Craig! We’ll add you to the “orange” list 🙂

  5. Dave Himelright

    I’d like see white produced. Thanks

    • Scott Bixby

      Hi Dave

      Thanks for the feedback. I think that’s the first request I’ve seen for white!

  6. Peter Berra

    Hey James,

    Love your pedals and your cause! They just make sense.
    I’ve had knee and hip issues riding clip-ins for years.
    Do you offer pro-deals for employees?
    Do you offer industry pricing for us to be able to sell to our customers?

    Carpe Dieme de Cycling!


    Green Gear Inc. – Bike Friday Expert Travel Systems Consultant
    3364 W. 11th Ave. Eugene, Oregon, 97402 U.S.A.
    USA (800) 777-0258 | (541) 687-0487 | FAX (888) 394-7797 | ext. 139
    INTERNATIONAL 0011 1541 687 0487 | FAX 0011 1541 687 0403 | ext. 139


    Caution: Continued use may cause lowered blood pressure, reduced weight, increased muscle tone, greater lung capacity, disdain for common addictions, moments of euphoria, sound sleep, a fatter wallet, awareness of local surroundings, cool tan patterns, a healthier environment, and a profound connection with the universe.

    • Scott Bixby

      Hi Peter!
      We offer pro-deals and wholesale pricing for shops.

      If you would, send an email to and I’ll get you the information.


  7. Kelly Looper

    A bright orange or nice purple would be great.

    • Scott Bixby

      Hi Kelly.

      Thanks for the feedback!

      We hope to have more limited edition colors in 2019.

      Thank you!

  8. Laurentiu

    Do you have any dealiers from EU?
    That would be a lot easier than paying the huge shipping from USA!

    • Scott Bixby


      Big Chaps is our Catalyst distributor in the UK.


  9. Keith Heflin (verified owner)

    Great for when you want to ride flats. They do solve some comfort issues for me. Any time I’m riding where I need guaranteed foot retention I’ll be riding clipless. I do however put my cleats as far aft as they will go now to get as close to the catalyst midfoot position as I can.

    • Scott Bixby

      Thanks Ketih!

  10. Brandon

    Lime green would be a popular color to produce. I just ordered the limited freeze green box bike parts build kit but I need pedals. I’d buy a pair today if you had green

    • Scott Bixby

      Thanks Brandon! We’ve had many requests for green, we’ll add yours to the list.

  11. Steven Zook

    I’m just wondering if you guys were going to make it wider like 110 mm or 105 because I’m using the stamp 7 and that seems to be about wide enough but also needs to be further away so if you had like a longer shank that I can order they’ll move the pedal away from the crank a little bit I don’t know if any of that make sense I hope so

    • Scott Bixby

      Hi Steven,
      We are testing a larger Catalyst prototype that is 105 mm wide. We hope to have it ready for market in the early fall. Thanks!

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